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We’ve worked with countless clients since 2009. Here, you will see some of their interiors that we designed. Please click on the thumbnail to view designs in greater detail. Or contact us today so we can turn your dream project into reality.

Sam YG condo interior design photo 1

A bachelor pad fit for a celebrity

Local DJ and celebrity Sam YG hired Sohu Designs to create an interior that is “comfortable and homey”. Jennifer helped achieve this by combining modern...

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condo project at the fort photo 1

From investment property to personal space

The couple originally bought the property for real estate investment. But they changed plans after their children had taken to staying there on night outs...

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asian interior design project photo 2

Asian contemporary interior for lovers of Asian antiques

The project was about translating the couple’s taste for Asian antiques into the interiors. This involved adding wood accents to give the home a cozier...

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japanese filipino interior design photo 1

Japanese minimalism meets relaxed Filipino temperament

The design combines Japanese minimalism with the laid-back Filipino nature in this 60-square meter property. This involves creating clean and simple design elements such as...

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vacation home interior photo 8

A vacation home at the heart of the city

The clients are based abroad and wanted to have a vacation home in the Philippines. Jennifer took the clients’ list of requirements and created a...

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